How Cancer Causes Symptoms

How Cancer Causes Symptoms

May 18
11:53 2017

Cancer symptoms are virtually limitless.
Cancer can cause any type of symptom. This is why it is so important to be screened
for cancer if any unusual symptom or abnormality persists. Symptoms of cancer
cause for several different reasons. The particular symptoms of cancer that one
may suffer from depend on where the cancer is in the body and how advanced it
is, in terms of size and growth rate. Every case of cancer is unique and
different from any other case. This is one of the many reasons why so much
about cancer is not understood, which makes it difficult to successfully treat.

One reason that cancer causes symptoms is because it is putting pressure on
surrounding tissue, nerves, and/or organs. In many cases, a cancer can form in
a larger organ or area of the body. This is, in part, why a person with cancer
may not suffer from symptoms until the disease has reached later stages, which
causes many cases of cancer to go on undetected. However, if a cancer is
forming in a smaller part of the body, like the brain, the patient will notice
symptoms almost immediately.

The other reason cancer causes symptoms is because it can put a major strain on
the body’s immune system and take up most of the body’s energy. This is why
excessive tiredness is such a common symptom with many types of cancer. A
person with cancer can also feel fever-like symptoms, because of the same
reason, that the immune system is damaged and can not repair and/or restore the
body as it is supposed to. Also, someone suffering from cancer may experience
dramatic weight loss. This usually occurs because the cancer is using the
body’s supply of energy in order to continue to exist, develop and grow.
Therefore, the body can not actively digest food properly, or restore the
necessary cells in order to retain weight. Some cancers can even create
dangerous and hazardous chemicals and then release them into the patient’s
blood stream as it grows. These chemicals can lead to blood clots and even
alter the balance of some hormones such as the blood’s level of calcium. These
symptoms of cancer, usually unrelated to the cancer itself, can cause dizziness
and weakness.

Even though we generally understand how certain cancers cause symptoms, that
does not change much in terms of successfully treating the disease. There are
no limitations as to how any case of cancer can grow and develop. Some cases of
cancer start growing rapidly, unrelated to treatment, for no reason, while
other cases have just stopped growing and disappeared on their own. There is no
universal treatment for cancer. Each case is treated in a specific way,
catering to the patient’s unique case of cancer.

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