Early Detection

Early Detection

May 18
11:53 2017

Since there are no ultimate cures for any cancer,
early detection of cancer is the most effective tool we have for saving lives
from these deadly diseases. While all cancers eventually produce symptoms, most
of them do not cause any symptoms during the early stages of the disease. This
is what makes it hard for people with cancer to catch it before it spreads.
Many cancer signs, or symptoms, can be caused by less threatening infections,
diseases or other medical conditions. However, it is important that you see
your primary health care provider immediately if you feel any pain, discomfort
or abnormalities that are consistent.

It is very common for people to ignore symptoms of cancer for two reasons: in
some cases, people may feel that cancer signs such as excessive tiredness
and/or fever-like symptoms may be due to stress, or the common cold or fever.
Therefore, they will not think anything of it and wait for the symptoms to go
away. If the person does have cancer, ignoring it, or dismissing it as just
being sick, will allow the disease to spread. This will make it harder for
their health care provider to treat the cancer, if or when it is detected. Another
reason people ignore possible cancer signs is because they do not want to find
out that they might have cancer. This is foolish and can only make matters
worse. If you do have cancer, early detection of the disease is the best way to
improve your chances of surviving and beating the disease. If a patient has
cancer, and they let it go undetected because of fear, this will allow the
cancer to spread and reduce their chances of successfully treating it. Most
cancers are able to be completely removed through various types of surgical
procedures if they are detected in their early initial stages.

In most cases, people who get screened, because of suspicion caused by cancer
signs, do not have cancer. However, if cancer is present, but not detected
early, it can spread. Eventually it is possible that metastasis can occur.
Metastasis is when the cancer grows from where it originated from to a distant
organ of the body. At this point, the cancer is most likely too large to remove
with surgery. Therefore, the only other preferred options of treatment are
chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. While these methods of treatment have
helped save many lives, they are not always successful in advanced cases of
cancer. Cancer screening allows certain types of cancer to be found at its
earliest stage. The early detection allows doctors to make treatment decisions
quickly and effectively, improving the patient’s chance for survival.

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