Pet Scan Applications

Pet Scan Applications

May 18
11:53 2017

Most health care providers agree that the best
kind of nuclear medicine imaging is the PET scan. PET stands for positron
emission tomography. PET scans evaluate the patient’s metabolism, how well
their body uses oxygen, how the blood circulates through out the body, their
glucose level, as well as many other important functions of the patient’s body.
The PET scan is conducted to help diagnose cancer, as well as many other
infections and/or diseases.


One of the most important uses of the PET scan is in the field of oncology.
Oncology is the field of medicine that studies tumors. Oncology deals with why
tumors exist, how they form, how they advance, how they are treated, as well as
the effort to prevent them from occurring in the first place. A PET scan is one
of the best tools used to diagnose cancer. In many cases, a PET scan can help a
health care provider understand more about a particular case of cancer, which
can lead to more productive methods of treatment, and many times will result in
less unnecessary surgeries. PET scans can detect whether the cancer has
metastasized, or grown from where it originated from, to distant parts of the
body. The PET scan can determine how effective methods of treatment, such as
chemotherapy and radiation therapy, have been. The PET scan is also helpful in
detecting recurring cancers.


Cardiology deals with understanding how the heart works, how it is put
together, and abnormalities that occur within the heart. Health care providers
will often use a PET scan to find out the best way to treat different heart
conditions. PET scans will help health care providers see how well blood is
circulating to the muscles of the patient’s heart. The PET scan will also aid
the health care provider in determining how well the patient’s body will be
able to function with the given heart disease or other condition.


Neurology is the study of the body’s nervous system, and abnormalities that
occur within it. Many times, health care providers will use a PET scan to
determine what part of the patient’s brain is responsible for certain types of
seizures. Medical experts are currently working on ways to use a PET scan to
help see how the body is functioning in patients who have Alzheimer’s’s

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